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State Nomination Review Committee - February 9, 2024


Location: Iowa Economic Development Authority Helmick Conference Room 1963 Bell Ave Des Moines, IA 50319 - Virtual meeting via Teams
Date: Friday, February 9, 2024


Committee Members Ralph Christian (Historian) Des Moines, Ann Schmid (Architectural Historian) Des Moines, Colin Betts (Prehistoric/Historic Archaeologist) Decorah, Mary Jones (Public Member) Perry, Jacob Woodcock (Architectural Historian) State Center, Carl Merry (Prehistoric/Historic Archaeologist) Iowa City, Stephen J. Stimmel (Architect, Historic Architect) Des Moines, George Wakeman (Public Member) Sioux City, Steve Wilke-Shapiro (Architect, Historic Architect) Des Moines, Candy Welch-Streed (Public Member) Waterloo, Edie Hunter (Historian) Ames, Kristn Anderson-Bricker (Historian) Dubuque, Non-Voting Members: Ted Grevstad-Nordbrock, Ames, Kylie Dittmer, Des Moines


    1. 9:00      Refreshments


    1. 9:30      Minutes and Announcements


    1. 9:45      Davidson Bros. Company Warehouse and Manufacturing Building

      Alexa McDowell
    2. 10:00    William O. and Mattie M. Coffee House

      Jennifer Irsfeld James
    3. 10:15    Graham Park, Carroll

      Vicki Gach
    4. 10:30    Adjourn SNRC and Break

      15 Minutes
    5. 10:45    2022 Certified Local Government (CLG) grant applications for Historic Preservation

      anticipated length 1 hour

If you are representing a particular nominated property, please arrive at least 30 minutes before your nomination is scheduled on the agenda. Due to the unpredictable length of time it takes to review each nomination the times on the agenda may fluctuate.

Presenter time is limited to 5 minutesThis time is provided so preparers may describe their presentation as images are shown.  Following that brief slide presentation, the committee chair will invite the committee members to discuss the nomination.  The preparer should be prepared to answer any questions regarding the nomination.

A copy of the minutes from the meeting will be emailed to each preparer after the meeting notes and ballots are compiled.  The minutes will outline any revisions the SNRC members requested for each nomination.  Revised nominations can be submitted after the minutes have been distributed and all revisions completed by the preparer following the instructions that will be provided.