The Cedar-Wapsi Recreational Byway consists of 30 miles of outdoor recreation, education, and sports facilities along Highway 13 and encompasses five municipalities: Bertram, Cedar Rapids, Central City, Coggon, and Marion, as well as rural Linn County. Book-ended by the Wapsipinicon and Cedar Rivers, the byway is a collection of over 20 sites including county parks, sports fields, non-profit education centers, and many others.

By recognizing the similarities and shared passion the partners have in creating the byway, the region is able to capitalize the people, who come together from many different backgrounds to take advantage of the parks and sports opportunities offered by the byway, create new partnerships, and live healthier lives.

The Cedar-Wapsi Recreational Byway provides a foundation for the region to support more livable communities, become a tourist destination, and expand its economic base.

The Cedar-Wapsi Recreational Byway was designated an Iowa Great Place in 2014 and re-designated in 2019.

Project Spotlight

Indian Creek Nature Center's construction of Amazing Space in 2016 was designed to enhance the quality of life for citizens throughout Eastern Iowa. Visitors come from throughout Iowa and the nation, drawn to this project due to its focus on nature, trails, and sustainability. Ultimately, Indian Creek Nature Center has become a destination for everyone. In 2019 they welcomed over 80,000 visitors and received the Living Building Challenge Petal Certification for sustainability and energy efficiency, making it the first and only Petal Certified project in the state of Iowa and one of only 31 in the world.

Pinicon Ridge Park is a regional destination for nature and outdoor recreation enthusiasts, and home to the Wapsi Bluff Shelter, which offers scenic views of the Wapsipinicon River. Completed in 2021, the shelter enhances the park and is part of the Cedar-Wapsi Recreational Byway, which covers 30 miles of outdoor recreation, education and sports facilities in and around Bertram, Cedar Rapids, Central City, Coggon and Marion, as well as rural Linn County.