I adored Iowa and Iowans.

Norman Lear


We were floored by the generosity and kindness of people in Iowa. Everyone we met was welcoming and supportive, which can make or break an independent film. Our cast and crew still talk about how much they loved the experience. We’re all hoping to be back making more films in Iowa some day!

Sarah Adina Smith


There’s a magical light here.

Timothy Busfield


My Iowa shooting experiences have been very rewarding. I spent the summer of 1988 in Dyersville and Dubuque on Field of Dreams and the spring of 2009 in Lennox shooting The Crazies. On both shows, the communities and their families became a part of our movie. Maybe it’s because Iowa is such a unique place being the center of and therefore the heart of America, but the towns where I shot were filled with honest generosity and lots of magic. In all my experience, I have never been so welcomed nor felt so at home. I would return with another production to Iowa at the first opportunity to do so.

Brian E. Frankish

producer/production management

If you come here, it’s going to look good and you’re going to have people working hard for you. And it will be to your benefit to film in Iowa.

Tom Arnold


We met amazing, brilliant people and fell in love with Iowa.

Emilie Barbault-Nizier

Paris filmmaker