Iowa Inventory

The Iowa Inventory contains information on architectural and historical resources around the state. The files include National Register of Historic Places properties and individual site inventory forms as well as reconnaissance and intensive level survey reports in the Historic Architectural Database (HADB). These two collections comprise the entire Iowa Inventory. This information relates to only above-ground resources. Information in each file varies, ranging from a single photograph to discussion in a survey report to a full National Register of Historic Places nomination.

Request a File

The State Historic Preservation Office can provide information on individual properties and can provide reports for properties by city or county. For inventory requests, including to request a copy of a file listed in the Historic Architectural Database, please fill out the Historic Property Inventory Report Request (above ground) Form. For questions related to the inventory contact
If you need to obtain Inventory Number(s), refer to the following guidance document.
How to Obtain Historic Property Inventory Number(s)
If you need to obtain a HADB (Historic Architectural Database) Number, refer to the following guidance document.
How to Obtain Historic Architectural Database (HADB) Number(s)

Contribute to the Iowa Inventory

To provide information about a historic resource, please review the instructions, then fill out and submit the Iowa Site Inventory Form.

If you plan to submit digital photographs for survey and evaluation projects, please follow the instructions and guidelines. If you are providing images on a CD-R please include the Digital Photo Log.

Iowa Archaeological Site File

The Office of the State Archaeologist (OSA) maintains the Iowa Archaeological Site File, a master inventory of recorded archaeological sites in Iowa. Information is provided to the professional and vocational archaeological community, agencies and developers on a case by case basis.

The Guidelines for Archaeological Investigations in Iowa provide recommendations and guidance for conducting archaeological investigations throughout the State of Iowa.