To request formal comment on a federal undertaking, or on any local or state project, please visit our E-SHPO portal and request access. If you have any questions on how to use the portal, please review the Reference Guides below.

If the project is a federal undertaking, the State Historic Preservation Office has 30 calendar days after receipt to review a project if the information submitted is complete. If additional information is requested, the office has 30 calendar days to review the request once complete information is received. Therefore, it is in your best interest to submit adequate documentation with your initial request.

The State Historic Preservation Office can provide information on individual properties and can provide reports for properties by city or county. For inventory requests, including to request a copy of a file listed in the Historic Architectural Database, please fill out the Historic Property Inventory Report Request (above ground) Form. For questions related to the inventory contact

If an Iowa Site Inventory Form is necessary, please complete it according to the instructions.

If your project entails ground disturbance, you will need to consider whether there might be archaeological sites within the project area.

Special Guidance

Specific instructions have been developed for Federal Communications Commission, Housing and Urban Development and Department of Education undertakings.

The following agencies have existing Programmatic Agreements, please contact us to determine how to proceed with Section 106 compliance.

  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Iowa Department of Natural Resources/State Revolving Fund
  • United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development

Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters can occur at any moment and can have a far-reaching impact on historic resources. In cases of a natural disaster, information will be provided online if specific guidance is established in response to a federally- or state-declared disaster.

To facilitate the review of architectural drawings, please submit documents no larger than 11"x17". The State Historic Preservation Office will request larger drawings if needed. Printed copies of digital images are acceptable if they clearly illustrate building forms and materials or the condition of the project location. Use high-resolution images and print appropriately.